Wings brought me
Here on to my mother ‘s lap
And on my father’s arms
Smiling through the uncertain clouds
Surging across an infinite cosmos, among the giggling of stars, like you, l got born.
My parents are no more
As the wings have snatched them away,
I’ve ceased even to sob
Seeing the neighbors fire terror,
Innocent humans succumb to conspiracy among my brothers and sisters , as hatred grows
And love flees on wings.
Today, no fear alarms me, and ‘am a stubborn stone, don’t care
May it come wings of birth,
Or wings of death…. 😍(C) Bishnu Charan Parida

3 thoughts on “Wings

    1. Thanks so much.
      I love to read poems. Since long I was in look out of reading some good poems. Good poems mean quite specific to the type I enjoy. I found your poems very impressive. I really appreciate your poems. My best wishes…


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